Risk monitoring and management is now demanded by regulatory authorities. Our
enterprise risk management program establishes a comprehensive and effective
program of managing risk and strengthening corporate Board governance.
• We create a risk charter, policies, and processes.
• We conduct training on oversight and governance principles
• We create a risk plan used by all levels of management.
• We conduct quarterly progress reviews.
We map your risk management for better performance with a five-step program.
1. We Assess the structure and gap. Create a baseline analysis and develop an
understanding of ERM and compliance assessment principles.
2. We evaluate the Governance-Oversight-Framework and Organizational
Structure…roles and responsibilities of the Board and Management, Committee
Charters, Compliance Officer 2.0, Risk Committee Minutes, Risk Training Content
3. We create the Charter Policy and Other Elements. Risk Management Policy,
Action Plan, event identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Response, Control
Activities, Information and Communication, Monitoring, Risk Appetite Statement,
Authority and Accountability.
4. We Identify the most significant risks. we prioritize training, conduct testing
and monitoring, assign risk ratings [inherent, controls, residual] and present a plan
of action
5. We prepare a risk rating in each area of Board, Authority and Accountability.
Comprehensive assessment of program oversight, products and services,
marketing, training, complaint management, systems and technology and specific
compliance areas support our conclusions